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  1. What is your standard turn-around time?

    • Typically, I am at 3 weeks. In the fall, the turn-around time is 4 weeks unless otherwise specified. Please keep this in mind for milestones and holiday cards. Every image is hand-edited. I do a lot of Photoshop work- sometimes minimal and sometimes extensive. Each image can take up to 10 minutes or more to fully edit. It is important for me to give my clients an above standard gallery, therefore I don't like to rush. You hired me for my style and attention to detail when editing, so that is exactly what you deserve! I edit in the order of your session date. I don't jump around from gallery to gallery (see more below).

  2. Do you offer sneak peeks?

    • Yes and no. In my "thank you" email after our session, I mention that I will post my favorites on my social media accounts. My contract also states this (please let me know if this is something you do not want), but that does not mean it will happen within 1-3 days of your session. I don't start working on a gallery until it is their turn in the queue. Once I cull through the images and have my "gallery" of photos selected, I will choose my favorites. I edit those first and then post. After that, I will continue to finish the gallery. Jumping from gallery to gallery before one is complete disrupts my workflow and makes it hard for my editing to stay consistent.

  3. How far in advance should I book a maternity and newborn session?

    • In the winter and early spring- at least 2 weeks' notice should be given. Maternity sessions typically happen between 30-33 weeks. Newborn sessions can occur between 1 week to 8 weeks of life. I am very flexible there. I would think about booking once you enter your second trimester. If you are going to have a baby in August, September or October, book sooner. November and December babies have a turn around time of AFTER the holidays.

  4. How far out should I book summer and fall sessions?

    • You should have your summer session booked by April. Your fall sessions by August.

  5. Do you take on sessions in November and December?

    • Besides the Holiday Blitz sessions that happen in early November, I typically do not take on sessions in those months. Please contact me if you have something you need to be photographed during those months and we will discuss.

  6. Do you offer weekend sessions?

    • Occasionally. My Blitz and mini sessions mostly occur on weekends. I will do one session a weekend, twice a month. In the summer I am with my family at the beach. I take on about 3-4 beach sessions a summer. If I do not travel to the shore, I will do a local Sunday evening session in the Summer. Weekdays typically work well from late spring through early fall because of the daylight (after standard work hours). Which leads to the last FAQ below.

  7. What time do your sessions start?

    • Outdoor sessions typically happen 1-2 hours before sunset, depending on location. During the summer, this could mean as late as 7pm. In early spring, typically 5:30/6 and in late fall, it can be as early as 3:45-4. My in-home sessions, including newborns, happen on weekdays at either 9 am or 10 am. In the summer, they can happen as late as 1pm. This is all discussed at booking!


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