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Photography Editing & Mentoring.

We all could use some encouragement to elevate our artistic pursuits! So if you're a newbie, a hobbyist or looking to switch over to a more bold edit, I'll be that mentor and friend! Together we'll map out strategies to propel your art to new heights. I have a variety of services to fit your needs. Don't forget to scroll all of the way down and catch those a la carte mini packages I have available too!

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The Mentoring Process
Steps 1-5 below


​$400 $320 intro price

+ sales tax. additional time can be added at an hourly rate.


This package is ideal for photographers struggling to achieve consistent edits and looking for that bold pop and polished finish. You will need both Lightroom and Photoshop for this session.  This is REMOTE only. Looking for me to edit a few of your images while you watch and learn? Jump to here.


Remote Mentoring 1-on-1 with me includes:

  • A combined 4+ hours on a video chat platform with customized learning and instruction. This will cover shooting and editing questions/critiques. I will have your completed questionnaire prior to this. This time will be split up.

  • Provide me with images for critique only. Max of 5. You can resubmit them to me with improvements at the end of our time together.

  • 2+ hours of editing instruction via screenshare (included in the combined 4+ hours of mentoring) The editing instruction includes RAWs from you (additional to your critiqued images)​

  • Acceptance into my private FB group with links to my favorite presets, overlays and actions if you are not already invited. 


This session will unfold in the following order:

  1. Discovering and identifying your ideal editing style through questionnaire and chat- either via messaging or phone.

  2. Critiquing up to 5 images together while you take notes.

  3. Step-by-step guide on achieving your desired edit. I will provide written documents to refer back (step 3&4 work hand in hand) to while you work on your own.

  4. Editing through 10-15 of your RAW images together using your notes and my experience. This time will be split up or in one session.

  5. BONUS: A custom preset to save in LR (based off of an existing preset, but with our tweaks to work with your shooting style).

MENTORING: 1 on 1 in the Greater Philadelphia Area


+ sales tax. additional days and hours can be added.

We’ll begin by getting to know each other. I'll provide a questionnaire so I know what you hope to learn. We will pick a mutual date for our session and really get hands-on with shooting and editing.  

This package is ideal for photographers who are more hands on and want to experience a session from start to finish and who live somewhat locally to 19025.

Direct instruction and support on your editing, workflow and shooting processes.

1 on 1 Day with me includes:

  • 1 FULL day of customized learning and instruction focused on settings, prompting, connection with clients. Discussions on what you LOVE about photography and what you need to work on.

  • 1 tag-along session as a second-shooter (family or newborn, depending on student choice) followed by:

  • 2 hours hands on editing instruction together (probably at a coffee shop- coffee and treats will be on me!)

  • 3 Follow-ups for Q&A session over the course of 66-12 months following our time together. Again, extra in-person time can be requested at an hourly rate.

This package covers:

  • 4-5 hours

  • Client process and communication

  • Hands-on session to build your portfolio

  • Posing techniques/ideas/inspo

  • Shooting tactics

  • Editing process

  • Unlimited questions during our time together and 3 separate follow ups for Q&As over the next 6-12 months from our time together. 

Being a photographer is not just about capturing moments; it's about telling stories through your lens. Your style is the language through which these stories are expressed. So, believe in your vision, be patient with the process, and relish in the joy of creating something that is uniquely yours. The world is waiting to see it! Keep clicking, keep learning, and keep creating!
You've got this!

On a Budget?
A la carte services for your convenience!



Coming Soon

Watch Me Edit Videos


1. Watch me edit my own images in these 5 -20 minute video clips.  Here are the following categories:

  • Newborn Lifestyle: $25/2 videos

  • Family In-Home $15/2 videos

  • Family Outdoor $15/2 videos

  • Close-up Portraits $25/2 videos

  • Magical edits $25/2 videos


Portfolio Review

I will review a gallery of 10+/- images. While reviewing these images, I will make critiques and suggestions. My detailed review will be emailed to you. Email communication only. One- week timeline.


If you want to do an in-person review via video chat or phone, please see my 1-on-1 mentoring above.

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Edit YOUR images

Kind of like out-sourcing your editing, but with real-time instruction!

I will edit 3 images while you watch! This will include a review of your current editing style, what your editing goals are, and then work together to hand edit the images in both LR and PS. This will be a video call.


$150 introductory price!

Click the envelope to get started!

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