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It is so much more than a photo. We have all felt that tug. You pick up a photo from years past and you are instantly brought back- the sounds, the smells...all of the feels. Photos help us relive moments, people, and places. It is so much more than smiling faces. Anyone can pick up a camera, aim and shoot. Why would you pay someone to take a picture, if you can easily do it yourself? When you hire a photographer, you are investing in not only the product itself but in the photographer as well- so invest wisely and enjoy the experience.

What can you expect from a session with me? I do a mix of posed and unposed. I like to get that eye connection, but I also love to just snap as things unfold organically. If I love the way you brush your child's hair away from their eyes, I'll tell you to do it one more time so I can get the shot. If I see you sneak a glance at your partner while your child is giggling his face off, I'll take 50 shots as it is happening. I often have you just play and interact with each other while I run in and out of your space getting every angle of goodness. My famous line is "Pretend I'm not here." I do know that a lot of mamas like smiling forward-facing portraits, so I will get those done for you too. We will always start out with poses and as you get more comfortable, we get more interactive. If little kids are a part of the session, forget it- they run the show and I guarantee you will love where they lead us!

A Best Friends' Production offers many different services. Let me know what type of session you're looking for by searching the different options below! Click the images for details.

YAY! I love mail! Thank you for your interest. I'll get back to you within 2 business days.

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